Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Credentials and Why You Should Listen to Me to Hit Platinum in Ranked League of Legends

I am Platinum V in League of Legends. I'll just start there. My summoner names include Satoris IAmRasAlGhul WanderingCrow and Satoriis among others. I've lost count of how many level 30 accounts I have. I find it fun to climb the ranks in League of Legends and constantly challenge myself in each division, for they each play differently and require different aspects to carry.

Why listen to me and not, say, Dyrus or nerfplz's tier list?

I will do something they won't.

I will break down the method of how to carry each and every division.


For you, dear reader.

Good luck getting that anywhere else unless it's on a verbose $100.00 eBook being sold by ciderhelm on eBay ;)

So, to the point: If you want to win in Ranked, if your goal is to hit Platinum, or Diamond, or whatever, take the journey with me. I'm going to take my currently silver 4 account, Satoris, and get him into either gold 1 or plat 5.

I'll chronicle my progress.

In addition to that, I will be writing detailed guides on how to go from Bronze -> Silver, then from Silver -> Gold, then Gold -> Plat.

Maybe even eventually Plat -> Diamond. Who knows? ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your support.

Comments are welcome.

I will also be hosting an AMA next week, starting Monday the 17th, after my last professional gaming tournament. I don't like to advertise but I'll be busy playing in a $5,000 gaming tournament this week. And no, you don't get to know where it is, the competition is already stiff at 150+ players ;-)

Thanks for listening, and I will be updating this again soon.

If you want this blog to survive and thrive, please follow and view. If I see my page views stay at 77 when this week is over, I'll probably throw in the towel. =)

If they don't, though... I think I could be starting something fun here ^_^

Nice meeting all of you, and thank you to those taking the journey with me, and learning from it. You are contributing to the League community with your positive attitudes.

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