Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome to Will's League of Legends Blog! Intro here.

Will's League of Legends Blog 

In game name: Satoris on NA

Hello everyone! My purpose with this new blog is to chronicle my (hopeful) rise from Silver 2 to Gold+. I face unique challenges as I main jungle, and sadly season 3 jungle is largely a support role. My intention is to learn Udyr jungle, as supposedly he can carry games by himself. At least, that's what this random dude on the interwebs says here.

So, starting tomorrow I will post my progress, thoughts and commentary on climbing elo hell and how to do it.

For those below silver 2: Really just play a lot of games and learn League of Legends. Your responsibility is to maximize your average win percentage by playing flawlessly in ranked. Don't grind ranked games while in a bad mood and on low sleep (which I just did tonight). Don't rage at your teammates. Actually just follow the yoloqueue guide here.

My main jungles are Hecarim, Sejuani (bad for yoloqueue, need a duo partner for her), Vi, Volibear, Nasus (although not so much post nerf), Nocturne and (soon) Udyr.

Thanks for reading!

More to come tomorrow.

Update February 2014: Redoing the whole shebang. New layout and format to come over weekend.

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